BULA VINAKA! Welcome to our island home’s connection to the outside world. It’ll take about 10 seconds for you to start seeing the latest images streaming through. Check the clock top right. When the seconds are moving, you’re in business. If there’s thousands of people across the world viewing simultaneously (we’ve family everywhere who need their daily Castaway fix) you may need to come back to view later. Although we humbly love the attention, our little island’s internet bandwidth can only cope with so much flattery 🙂 Enjoy.

These images are streamed live from the resort’s webcam. Image load and refresh times are dependent on the island’s internet connection, the number of people viewing and your individual browser cacheing. At times, you may experience image loading and refresh delays – up to 10 seconds.  A quick way of seeing the latest image from the island is by refreshing (reloading) your browser window (page). And oh…if it’s dark and you can’t see too much, it’s night time here. Vinaka!