TV personality Shelley Craft returns to Castaway

Beautiful, kind words from the beautiful Shelley Craft

Australian television personality Shelley Craft, who has appeared in top rating Australian programs such as The Block, Australia’s Funniest Home Videos, Domestic Blitz and Perfect Match, recently stayed on the island and kindly sent us these beautiful words.

 “I first visited Castaway Island 18 years ago, and I have been spruiking about it ever since,’’ she said. “Then this September, I had the chance to return with my family and Castaway didn’t disappoint! We had the most fabulous holiday. Experiencing this paradise with my husband and two young girls was such a magical family experience. From the initial greeting of ‘welcome home’ to the personal send-off back to the mainland, our week was the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. It really did feel like our own Fijian Village. Vinaka Vaka Levu to all the staff for making this a holiday we will never forget,” she said.

Vinaka Shelley! It was an absolute pleasure for the Castaway family to host you and your beautiful family. Lolomas to you all.

Your Castaway Fiji family Xx

Shelley Craft with the Castaway Family