Fiji Facts


Fiji Islands – 332 stunning tropical islands in the South Pacific

Fiji consists of 332 islands in the southwest Pacific Ocean covering over 18,000 sq kilometres  (10,200 sq miles). The islands are  about  3,200 km (1,920 miles)  from Sydney, Australia.   112 of the  islands are inhabited.

Fiji weather

Fiji is beautiful all year round. Temperature is determined by its location in the South Pacific Ocean and it has tropical maritime climate without extremes in temperature. The changes in temperature from one day to another varies slightly and also from season to season the changes are minimal. Fiji  has a mild, sunny  average temperature of 25°C (77F), however it can climb higher in summer (December to March) and lower in the winter months (June to August).  There is more chance for some tropical rains during the summer months, however it is the tropical rains that make Fiji such a beautiful paradise.  Castaway Island experiences far less annual rainfall than the mainland regions of Fiji.  Check out today’s Fiji Weather Forecast plus more information about Fiji’s Climate.

Visas & travel permits

You’ll need to have an onward ticket and a passport valid for at least three months longer than your intended stay. A free tourist visa is granted on arrival to citizens of more than 100 countries, including: most countries belonging to the British Commonwealth. Check with your travel agent.

The culture, people and language

Fiji Resorts - Castaway Island, Fiji - Musicians playing at the Resort's Restaurant

Fijian is a fusion of people and culture. A melting pot of Melanesians and Polynesians of people of the Indian sub-continent, Asia, the English and Europeans.  English is the official language of Fiji.  However, the traditional Fijian language still lives and is widely spoken in many different dialects.

Fijians have a reputation of being the friendliest people on earth – smiling, generous and relaxed. You are sure to be greeted with our famous and welcoming ‘Bula’ and captivated by their smiles and laughter.


The Fijian dollar is the unit of currency. Major credit cards are welcomed in most places and Castaway Island accepts all major credit cards.  Tipping is not generally encouraged in Fiji.  Castaway Fiji has a staff Christmas fund for those who would like to make a contribution on check-out.



The electrical current is 240 volts AC 50 Hz. Fiji has three-pin power outlets identical to Australia and New Zealand. Castaway offers universal outlets for 240v or 110v shavers, hair dryers, etc

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