Ohhhh- Oprah’s coming to Fiji!

News just out! Oprah’s coming to Fiji

Just for the record, Oprah’s not staying on Castaway…but she’s most welcome if she changes her mind last minute! We’re not sure if she’d cope with our “no TV” bures however.

Here’s a news excerpt from smh.com.au….

“Oprah takes the show to the islands

December 16, 2010 – 11:51AM

After all the action of her Ultimate Australian Adventure talkshow queen Oprah Winfrey will fly out of Sydney this afternoon to Fiji to spend a week chilling out.

“She’s coming for a private visit and we respect her wishes to do so,” Fiji’s Tourism Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum  said.

Winfrey is scheduled to touch down in Nadi this afternoon where she will be whisked away for five days on a private island.

“Fiji is one of those destinations where we like people to come and have their own private time and we’re here to ensure that happens,” said Mr Sayed-Khaiyum, who is also the country’s attorney-general.

“We don’t want Fiji to become a playground for the paparazzi.”

Winfrey’s businessman beau Stedman Graham will be joining her for time in the Pacific island nation, Fiji TV reported.

“Oprah coming to Fiji … it is obviously a very strong endorsement that Fiji is a destination for relaxing and private time out which is very good for the country,” Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.”

How exciting for our South Pacific Islands paradise!

BULA! BULA! Oprah.

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