We love it when people write nice things about us…

Our little Fiji Island Resort has made front page news!

Beautiful! We’ve woken to the sound of front page news this morning in an Australian online publication news.com.au.

Here’s an excerpt from an article on news.com.au on our little island resort. We’re so very glad we can be somebody’s idea of ‘heaven’.

Vinaka to the author!


Castaway Island, Fiji - Fiji ResortsA SEA as calm as an infinity pool and a beach to myself. No sound other than the gentlest lapping of waves and a cooling breeze brushing the palms. Distant breakers over a reef on the horizon and only the trees, a hammock and white sand behind me.

Fiji’s Castaway Island should have been my idea of hell.

Travel used to be when I did things: exploring cities, backpacking across continents, crisscrossing Europe to watch soccer or trekking to whatever’s-just-over-there. My wife was the same. But then came parenthood, and suddenly we were already doing something every single exhilarating, grinding, glorious, exhausting minute. The idea of doing not very much on holiday started to become strangely alluring.

So, after three years, we found ourselves contemplating the dreaded P-word.

You know the one: Package.

The word was enough to induce a shiver, conjuring visions of entrapment in an overcrowded resort, elbowing through slow-moving clusters of near-naked package veterans for even a glimpse of the congealing breakfast buffet, awkwardly avoiding the forced fun of organised activities.

If we were going to lose our P-plates, so to speak, we wanted to do it properly. READ MORE…

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  1. Philip Bachynski says:

    Stayed for 7 nights, the island is like paradise, the snorkeling is the best and the staff was just wonderful


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