Fiji Holiday Specialists – Expert Booking advice from those who understand the magic of Castaway!

We know what it’s like.

Researching a holiday destination can be exhausting.

You’re presented with oodles of holiday destination options. You’re so, so exhausted afterwards it’s going to take a Fiji holiday to get over it – but you STILL haven’t made a booking anywhere.

Why not email one of our Castaway Fiji Specialists who can assist you in your decision making?

They understand what you’re after and what your holiday expectations are.

All of our Fiji Specialists have been on Castaway many, many times. Probably even more “many’s” than that! They know our Fiji Island home very well and, in fact, have helped us shape many service initiatives and fiji holiday packages to specifically suit our global guests.


Diane has spent a whole lot of time telling Australians about how magical Castaway is. We do our best to live up to it. Like the rest of our Fiji Specialists Diane has spent many nights on Castaway. She’s a bit of a “Castaway Magic” tragic, so be prepared for gushing and phenomenal praise. Humble – we must stay humble:)

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There’s nothing that makes Juliet happier than a little romance. Juliet is our wedding specialist and can offer you all the advice required for your special day.

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You know when you don’t realise you were liked so much for just being you, and then people keep on telling you how amazing you are…and then you get all “Jeez….shucks….that’s so sweet” and then you get embarrassed and then…..

Well, that’s what our journey on our Facebook Page has been like. Like everyone, we started with just a handful of fans – mostly the Castaway Family – and then, SUDDENLY – whoa! We’re super-humbled by it all.

If you want to ask questions about Castaway this is definitely a great place to do it! Become part of the family just by “liking” us and start asking away! Our little army of Castaway Stars are amazing. You’ll fall in love with each and every one of them. You could even make friends there:) Plus it’s a great place to keep updated with any of our new Fiji Holiday Packages as well.

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Call us whenever you’d like, or email us. We always love a chat here on Castaway.

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