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Fijian Cuisine

Historically, Fiji food has consisted of root crops, vegetables and fruits in addition to wild pig and some birds. Of course, coastal Fijians indulged in a large amount of seafood. Cooking methods varied – the most popular being the “lovo” – an earth oven similar to the Maori ‘hangi’. This method of cooking is still used today throughout Fiji. Most resorts will include in their menu a “Lovo Buffet” which includes meat cooked in the lovo, root vegetables and coconut-based dishes like Kokoda and sweet coconut desserts and puddings.

Post-colonial times has seen the introduction of Indian cuisine and Western cuisine combined. Fiji’s food today is a veritable melting pot of cultural influences from all over the world. The rise of tourism in Fiji has meant new food cooking techniques  and the introduction of new locally grown food crops in an effort to cater for the demand for international cuisine in 4 and 5-star resorts.

Holding onto Fiji’s traditional cuisine has been challenging. However, the Resort continues to combine the best produce Fiji has to offer with the latest in international food trends. Our Executive Chef sources only the best local seafood and organic produce. Our menus change regularly. Read more about our dining and Fiji Meal Packages. 

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