BULA! It’s Fiji Time…

Fiji Holidays

Fiji holidays are popular for good reason. On offer is the the stunning, tropical weather, relaxed lifestyle of the locals, fresh, exotic cuisine, the beautiful outer island beaches and stunning South Pacific waters to play in. The friendliness of the Fijians has meant the people of this beautiful South Pacific group of 334 islands are commonly referred to as the “Friendliest People on Earth”. Once you’ve been to Fiji once, you’ll completely see why.

fiji airwaysArriving in Fiji

Because it is one of the most popular South Pacific destinations, getting to Fiji is very easy. There are plenty of flights to Fiji from most major international cities and airlines – but not always direct routes. Fiji also has it’s own national carrier – Fiji Airways.

Most tourists arrive for their Fiji holiday into Nadi Town – the tourism gateway of Fiji. Nadi itself offers shopping and local markets and is a taste of how the real Fijians live. If you’ve time before transfers to your holiday resort, it’s certainly worth spending a few hours floating about and taking in the culture of the place. After Nadi, guests make their way to an array of Fiji resorts on the mainland or catch a seaplane, helicopter or cruiser to outer island destinations including the Mamanuca group of islands (where Castaway presides) and the Yasawas. Normally the transfer is around an hour or so depending on the resort’s location.

Arriving in Fiji on Castaway IslandArrival at your Fiji Holiday Resort

On arrival most Fijian resorts, whether on the mainland or the outer islands,  greet you with sweet serenading and the hugest of smiles. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more heart-warming welcome than the one you receive at the beginning of your Fiji holiday.

Get ready for the phenomenon of Fiji Time

Initially it’s a difficult transition for some guests from their crazy western world of computers, phones, rushing and constant car trips from one place to the next but with a day or two the beautiful phenomenon of Fiji Time kicks in full swing. We’ve heard one guest describe this phenomenom as so relaxed that “even counting your fingers starts to feel like too much effort”! Suddenly life is in slow motion – the calm and peace is intoxicating – and that’s without imbibing on cocktails by the resort’s pool.

Fiji Holidays on Castaway Island FijiHow long shoud I stay?

To make the most of, and see and experience, everything Fiji has to offer, your Fiji holiday should be for at least 10 days – especially if this is your first trip. Shorter stays are certainly great too but rest assured you’ll find you’ll be craving just a few more days once you’re in the swing of Fiji time. Fiji feels like a completely different world – one so far removed from your reality. It becomes addictive. You’ll want for more and more! So when thinking about how long you should book for ensure to factor in the “not ready to go” feeling based on how much of a break you’re truly needing. It is certainly common to see guests crying on departure – especially when the Fijians sing the Isa Lei – that in itself is worth booking a Fijian holiday for!

Best time of year to book Fiji holidays

Good question! We always say any time is a great time in Fiji – basically when you need it. But some guests from the Northern hemisphere do find the heat a little stifling. So the answer is based generally around your personal threshold for humid weather.

Like Castaway, most resort accommodation(4-5 star) is in bures (bungalows) and air-conditioning is provided as an escape in the hotter months. Large pools and cocktails in ocean breeze bars make the weather bearable in the wet season where the temperatures and rainfall combine to create high humidity.

But generally, the most comfortable months to book Fiji holidays with the least rainfall and best weather are from May to September.

Fiji Holiday Packages – where do I book?

As one of Fiji’s most popular resorts, Castaway offers amazing Fiji holidays and holiday packages for families and romantic couples alike. We’ve something for everyone!  We’ve devised a package to suit all holiday types including a scuba dive holiday, romantic holidays, wedding packages and more.View our Fiji holiday packages and book online or contact your favourite travel agent – just mention the holiday package you’re most interested in. They will also be able to organise your flights as well.

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