TV personality Shelley Craft returns to Castaway

Beautiful, kind words from the beautiful Shelley Craft

Australian television personality Shelley Craft, who has appeared in top rating Australian programs such as The Block, Australia’s Funniest Home Videos, Domestic Blitz and Perfect Match, recently stayed on the island and kindly sent us these beautiful words.

 “I first visited Castaway Island 18 years ago, and I have been spruiking about it ever since,’’ she said. “Then this September, I had the chance to return with my family and Castaway didn’t disappoint! We had the most fabulous holiday. Experiencing this paradise with my husband and two young girls was such a magical family experience. From the initial greeting of ‘welcome home’ to the personal send-off back to the mainland, our week was the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. It really did feel like our own Fijian Village. Vinaka Vaka Levu to all the staff for making this a holiday we will never forget,” she said.

Vinaka Shelley! It was an absolute pleasure for the Castaway family to host you and your beautiful family. Lolomas to you all.

Your Castaway Fiji family Xx

Shelley Craft with the Castaway Family

We love it when people write nice things about us…

Our little Fiji Island Resort has made front page news!

Beautiful! We’ve woken to the sound of front page news this morning in an Australian online publication

Here’s an excerpt from an article on on our little island resort. We’re so very glad we can be somebody’s idea of ‘heaven’.

Vinaka to the author!


Castaway Island, Fiji - Fiji ResortsA SEA as calm as an infinity pool and a beach to myself. No sound other than the gentlest lapping of waves and a cooling breeze brushing the palms. Distant breakers over a reef on the horizon and only the trees, a hammock and white sand behind me.

Fiji’s Castaway Island should have been my idea of hell.

Travel used to be when I did things: exploring cities, backpacking across continents, crisscrossing Europe to watch soccer or trekking to whatever’s-just-over-there. My wife was the same. But then came parenthood, and suddenly we were already doing something every single exhilarating, grinding, glorious, exhausting minute. The idea of doing not very much on holiday started to become strangely alluring.

So, after three years, we found ourselves contemplating the dreaded P-word.

You know the one: Package.

The word was enough to induce a shiver, conjuring visions of entrapment in an overcrowded resort, elbowing through slow-moving clusters of near-naked package veterans for even a glimpse of the congealing breakfast buffet, awkwardly avoiding the forced fun of organised activities.

If we were going to lose our P-plates, so to speak, we wanted to do it properly. READ MORE…

There’s 100s of Fiji Resorts to choose from – So why do travellers choose Castaway?

We’ve been blown away AGAIN by our amazing friends on Facebook.

As an island that hosts many return guests we strive to ensure we’re doing everything we can for them. We want to not only enhance our services and facilities as the years go by but also to continue to offer the things our guests were first attracted to – the things they now love the most about us:)

We like to always find out ways we can improve or things we need to keep the same by asking the people who know us best – our guests – who become part of our growing family.

So we asked the question on our Facebook page “what was the motivation to choose Castaway Island for your holiday vacation the first time you ever came to the resort.” 

With so many Fiji Resorts to book, your final choice can be daunting. To make it easy for you here’s just over 100 reasons to choose Castaway:) Vinaka!

You were one of 3 resorts we stayed at. Our travel agent recommended all 3 resorts. We’re hoping to come back next May and spend all of our time with you instead of multiple resorts. We always recommend you when anyone asks where to stay.


Word of mouth. My brother goes every year and we have been twice with the third in the cards for November and we tell EVERYONE how special it is. Our main love is the people and being able to get straight of the boat/helicopter/plane and feel relaxed IMMEDIATELY. I also love the freedom that the kids have and knowing that they are looked after while being able to explore. Perfect for every family!!!! 10 out of 10.


your incredibly beautiful beach – amazing


My husbands family have been there many times since he was little. What a wonderful way to spend our honeymoon! Will definitely be back with the family !


We asked a friend who had stayed at the resort and he said it was just amazing. After staying at castaway for 10 days I have to agree, best holiday we have had and wonderful for our eldest daughter. Can’t wait to bring our new daughter soon hopefully.


My daughter took me to castaway for my 50th birthday, she had been before. We had an awesome time!! Will be coming back. 😉


We were actually recommended another island, but after looking at photos online and knowing that our daughter could go to Kid’s club at an earlier age (on her own), we decided on Castaway. Two trips in two years later – we have no regrets and no desire to try anywhere else!


Fell in love through a travel voucher, then travel agent recommended your resort very highly. Made the most amazing holiday with my sister for her 30th! I cant wait to get back to you!


Travel brochure & agent, followed by reviews on Trip Advisor. Also that you had nannies that would take our little one to kids club. We will be back next year!! A two year gap is way to long


Island with great activities for a teenage boy – snorkeling, fishing, diving, surfing and all inclusive meal option. Plus the photos on the website made the island and resort look amazing.


It was the heli combo package with The Outrigger that attracted my sisters and I We loved Castaway!


Word of mouth. The manager of the Qantas First lounge in SYD said he had been to Fiji 14 times. The last 11 to Castaway!


Three different friends recommended then our decision was cemented by Tripadvisor! We are telling anyone who will listen and planning our next visit :0)


recommendations by friends!! Better than expected!


Back in 2000 my wife and I met on castaway while we were both attending a wedding, we’ve been back 5 times since and coming again in July. We’ve been lots of other places in Fiji but castaway is the best especially for the kids.



Word of mouth. We went back to Qalito in 2011 – first time since 1981 – and we were not disappointed!


A day visit to the Island. We were staying at Treasure and visited with the TI Kids Club, after this visit it was where I wanted to come next time, we have now been two years running and have just booked 15 nights for this year!. My wife had also stayed in Castaway when she was a kid.


Recommended by a friend—We visited for 13yrs straight when our kids were little. How the kids loved to see big Mary & little Mary & Mr Jack waiting for them when we arrived. We are now planning to bring our grandchildren for a holiday.

Our travel agent recommended Castaway and she was right xxx


A friend’s recommendation – then trip advisor confirmed it for us. Our friend’s raved about the nannies, kids club and the facilities. After our recent January break – we had the most amazing time and have vowed to come back!


I think the Holidays with Kids website/mag was our first warm clue tho…


You were one of 3 resorts we stayed at. Our travel agent recommended all 3 resorts. We’re hoping to come back next May and spend all of our time with you instead of multiple resorts. We always recommend you when anyone asks where to stay.


My husband and I came for our Honeymoon in 1999, we picked Castaway from the travel brochure, looked nice. We have taken our children there, I’ve been three times. I’ve recommended it to family as well, can’t imagine going to another Fiji Island. See you in December!!


Brochure that showed the amazing water and then great reviews on Trip Advisor… See you in September for our second stay



“Snorkelling off the beach” review & recommendation on Trip Advisor won me over, and i was not disappointed! Going back for my dive course 🙂


Saw a poster on the wall inside our travel agents (Wyong Travel Planners) & she recommended Castaway as she had travelled to quite a few different locations in Fiji. And we were sooo happy that we took her advice, we had a fantastic time & can’t wait to return.


Our travel agent had visited your beautiful island and recommended it to us. We are so thankful for her advice, and have visited twice more since our original holiday, and hope to return again in the future. Castaway is my favourite place in the world, even after an extended holiday to UK and Europe.


Travel agent highly recommended Castaway from personal experience.


We visited Fiji ten years ago but stayed at another island. Before we got to our island however we first stopped at castaway to drop off people there. We thought it looked so beautiful that we had to go back someday… Ten years later we did!


Recommended by a friend who have been lots of time- being a travel agent Myself i wanted to go for years and now have – one of few islands in fiji that i now recommend:)


Travel agent. I described what we were looking for after staying at the mainland a few times and they (flight centre) suggested Castaway to us. Now we are returning In August and Always tell our friends who are looking for the perfect holiday to go straight to Castaway. We can’t wait til August:) see you then x


Recommended by friend who honeymooned there, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary there last March and looooved it, can’t wait to bring the kids there one day.


Recommended by a friend – then did stacks of research online – castaway had the best reviews with people always going back. Going back in September for our third time!


Recommended by friends and clients. Because the food is so good and the service excellent it’s not too big and not too small people can’t help recommending you. Keep the magical mix and we will keep spreading the word.


A friend and then Tripadvisor with all the glowing reports. All 100% true!


Friend recommended another resort that they had been to many times. I researched it and came across castaway on tripadvisor. The reviews swung me over and I am glad they did. The best holiday I can remember where I met new friends and I hope to return sooner rather than later.


Stayed on a small island for our honeymoon (Daydream Island in Whitsundays). Wanted to revisit for our 25th anniversary but it had become “modernised ” and was now just another big hotel resort 🙁 So Googled fiji islands, then booked through My Fiji travel agents. Was looking for a true fijian holiday, with huts and small and intimate, not just some hotel resort.Saw your web page and fell in love with it! Then we booked for our 25th wedding anniversary and loved it so much, we can’t wait to come again, hopefully soon. We tell everyone how wonderful it is ! Please do not ever change !!


Our first trip to Fiji was in 1997 with our then teen-age daughters. We took a Blue Lagoon cruise and then spent some time on the Coral Coast. The wonderful Kiwis and Aussies we met on the Blue Lagoon told us how great Castaway was. We booked the very next year and kept coming back year after year!


Recommended by friends. We loved it and have been back again and hoping to come again later this year!


Came from Mana on a day trip to visit my sister in law, didn’t want to go back to Mana!!!! So the next time we came to fiji it was definately Castaway. Far superior, staff, grounds, layout, kids club, the casualness of it all. Lovely, and we’ll be back 3rd year in a row….roll on May!


Lynnaire Monnery (NZ’s best travel agent – she is meticulous in her planning/details) recommends you to all – and we’re so grateful that she did, we loved our stay.


Recommendation ………… And we’ll be back!


recomendation by friends


Research, lonely planet guide, reviews couldn’t fault the island, & when I voiced my choice to travel agents they all said, oh yes great choice! that’s why we first came, it was 2008 & I sooo want to come back!! Hopefully next year!


travel agent for our honey moon…


First came when I was 10 and remember it being the best holiday. Became a travel agent and came back on an educational in 1999, Lingo showed us a good time! Been back the last 8 years with my own family and the kids cry everytime we leave! It truly is the most relaxing holiday….the staff are amazing, it’s like they’re welcoming you into their home. The food is exceptional, thanks Chef! As a travel agent I always sway people’s decisions to go to Castaway but often have issues with availability cause you have to book months in advance. I really should be exploring other places but when you’re onto a good thing you can stop – it’s addictive. See you all in September!


once while we were in Fiji we went on an island hoping trip and visited Castaway and asked our travel agent about it, so some recommendation as well.


A school friend posted photos and raved about her 3rd visit and the fact that she had immediately rebooked for next new years. A few days later and after about 10 Facebook messages were exchanged between us, I had booked for this Xmas/new years as well. Your repeat customers are your most incredible asset and they advertise for free!


Researched for about a year on net and trip advisor. The big draw card for us was hygiene as we had heard stories from food poisoning in other parts of Fiji. The fact that chef lance seemed to be introducing a more organic menu along with modern food preparation was a big draw card as it seemed castaway was making big advances over any other island. Also the de-salination plant enabling to drink the islands water. Trip advisor reviews were better than any other island, and it seemed the best place to take children. Small enough but also a bit classier than the others. We came for our first trip last year and are booked in again this year, it’s the best holiday we’ve been on, special family time where we can’t find anywhere else. Keep up the great work. I too have done the whitsundays and it or the ocean does not compare to Fiji. The happiness of the people x


Went to our travel agent, told her we wanted to go to Fiji. Castaway was the first word out of her mouth and we have. Even back every year since. See you in November.
It’s 30 years ago that we first went to Castaway. I seem to remember we were staying at Plantation and did a boat trip to Castaway, and decided next time it would be Castaway.
Yeah castaway had best reviews and we had the best time there and yes we are comming back there soon we most liked no tv no radio just the island feeling Ty see u soon
came with my parents 20 yrs ago, now return as often as we can with my own family. We tell everyone who asks about where to go in Fiji about beautiful Castaway!!
Our friend said it was beautiful! Simple as that
For us it was the travel brochure and a recommendation from a friend. Now we can’t stop talking about it and look forward to returning again.
We were recommended by a travel agent friend…was a great recommendation…will do my best to come back! Loved it there, and your island loved us too…it cried (rained) as we were leaving on the boat!
Recommended by friend who had been many years over. Now half a dozen have gone there again and again from our recommendation. Can’t beat word of mouth.
We were there in 2008 for our honeymoon; I knew I wanted Fiji so it in touch with our local Fiji island travel agents with tokoriki in mind. They recommended castaway due to our love of the beach 🙂 best decision ever!
Just back from our 2nd trip to Castaway. We originally went there in 2002 based on a Fiji island travel brochure. It indicated that Castaway had all the features we wanted. It was correct!! a wonderful holiday venue. I’ve since recommended Castaway to many others. Keep up the good work guys…. and good luck for the renovations. Vinaka!!!
trip advisor – children seem to be well catered for
First stayed on Castaway in 1999 because my husband had stayed there as a child and have now been back 9 times. Fantastic holiday and I cry every time we leave to come home!!! Miss all our Castaway Family and love you heaps ?
We keep coming back because Castaway is THE BEST
The kids ( teenagers) love it
Our friends and family loved it when we got married at Castaway in 2010
Lance and teams food is amazing
Great snorkeling – right off the beach
Lovely staff lovely people
The staff are great w little kids and the teens and kids o all ages seem to make mates to hang out with
No Tv!!
Lovely beach and a commitment to the environment
Good clean facilities
Lots options or hammock time!!
We have been 4 times and saving again for 2013.
We highly recommend it!!
For us, We stopped to pick up guests on the ferry, after staying at another resort, and decided at that point to take a holiday at Castaway. It looked so inviting from the boat..
Combination of Trip Advisor reviews, Travel Agent advice, your Website and the fact we could have a Family Bure ie separate room for the kids. I think a lot of resorts would benefit from more Family Rooms/Bures – not everyone wants to share with their kiddies 🙂 We have been twice to Castaway and I have recommended to many friends
Family recommended staying there, after enjoying Castaway themselves for over 5 years
We used to stay at the Outrigger (also fantastic but completely different), then we starting combining the 2 Resorts…….but for the past 4 years its just been all about Castaway…..I wouldn’t stay anywhere else in Fiji, I can’t wait to get back for 16 nights in paradise……see you very soon 🙂
Consistently had great feed back on Trip Advisor. We knew there would be no regrets!
Read an article in Travel section of Sunday Mail and then checked TripAdvisor – don’t go anywhere without checking ratings on TripAdvisor!
Recommended by friends…..trying to come back with them again. Fingers crossed.
First time we came was from a Travel Agent recommendation, anytime after that was due to the fact Castaway is the best… Food, people, accommodation ect…..
Hi we were recommended Castaway by friends who had been their on a day visit. We had our first trip in 2010 with our son and their family. Last year we came back again with another family of 4 in tow. This year we will be back for our third trip and we are bring the same group but with 3 extra adults. We loved it so much we tell everyone that they need to visit you. Can’t wait till end of May when we get to share your lovely island and become part of your family.
One of our extra’s on this trip is gluten free and I have assured him that he will have plenty of food choice – even the sushi! Especially if soya sauce not used to bind the rice.
My family and I are going to have our 3rd year in a row at castaway island, we chose your beautiful island as I had been many times with my family when I was a child. They were the best holidays I ever had and could not wait to bring my own family there! We will be there in november and this year my brother and his family will be joining us! You have the best location, the best staff by far, the best food (go lance) the best cocktail maker (Katrina), the best rooms and an all round feeling if being in a second home! Where else can you form friendships with staff and they actually remember your name when you come back year after year!  There is no better place, castaway = perfection!
Recommendations from friends who wanted us to share some time with them in paradise. We’ve since brought along another family too.
Recommendations by numerous friends. A friend of ours, Diane Lanz is the Australian promoter and is a great walking, talking advertisement for Castaway. I think most of Northern Sydney is buzzing over Castaway – and it’s well worth it too!
We are from Sydney and comming with another family from Melbourne my girl friend and I checked the nett for island both came up with castaway because we did not want 3 star or 5 star the trip advisor was very help full then when booking we could get meal deal and with chef lance there the food was 5 star wonderful staff 1off the best holidays we only seen kids at meal times thank you.
Trip advisor, great packages
Travel agent in way back in 1982, looking forward to our first trip back with my daughter this June.
we tried to get onto another island 7 years ago and it was booked out so we went to castaway instead.What a great thing that was as we have been back every year since Vinaka Castaway x
Actually – just wanted to add. We always recommend Castaway to friends…those that use Trip Advisor always ask about the food because there are some bad reviews re food on there and my answer is always the same – I can’t imagine how there would be bad reviews about the food on Castaway – it is fabulous, fresh and the water is great. It makes me wonder if some of those ‘reviews’ are a bit dodgy! Luckily people listen to me and book anyway 😉
 I previously did an island hop 10 years ago when staying on another island & year before last my sister & family went to island & raved about it… always wanted to go & sister just added to incentive.. LOVED IT
recommended by friends and family
Firstly, we saw Castaway in a travel brochure, and then we were sold on the place. We had two daughters, you had staff who loved kids. You had a beautiful island, we lived in a city. We came, and returned and returned and returned for a period covering almost 28 years. We fell in love not only with Castaway, but with the Castaway Family, many of whom are still on the island. We brought our friends, our sons-in-law our grandson. Castaway gave us its heart and in return we lost ours. Vinaka Castaway for the best holiday destination in the entire world. Our daughters became travel agents and in turn recommended Castaway to many other people who have since experienced a barefoot island where cares are forgotten and dreams really do come true. We have watched the changes take place and are still doing do so. We will come back again one day to Qalito…..
Friend went and raved about it so much we had it experience it ourselves we did in March last year and we will be returning in March this year. When you tell people you have been to Castaway Island they have either been or want to go. It was such a Fantastic Family holiday, Looking so forward to our week on Castaway in March
Recommended by a friend who goes every year. We had the most amazing time on castaway. Loved it so much we are coming back this November.
Recommendation from travel agent trip adviser raved about the food which finally sold us also that rooms sleep a family of 5 was a winner for us and the vowel renewal package we had a ball will be back again and again love castaway also like eating in a five star resteraunt for breakfast lunch and diner.
Friends wanted to go, but weren’t able as you were booked. Then the travel agent recommended you as well. We are planning our second trip!
Friends, Travel agent, and family all recommend Castaway. We in turn recommend to all our friends
Trip Advisor and then the back up of that from the travel agent
Our first trip was on recommendation from our best friends who had stayed at Castaway, one of them is also a travel agent. From our wonderful we have since returned with our children and I did check on Tripadvisor how it was rated, excellent of course. We will definitely be back, it was a wonderful family holiday. 🙂
Hi, we booked our first trip (honeymoon) back in 2006 because we saw your Dive Centre was a 5 Star PADI centre with a good reputation. We were there last year and now as a promise to ourselves we will now be coming every two years! Vinaka Castaway!



Latest Guest Reviews From Trip Advisor. Vinaka!

Latest Guest Reviews for Castaway Island Fiji,

“WOW, What a beautiful place …….”

Where do I start …. from the moment I arrived to the day I left what an incredible experience. Make sure you spend time with Lingo, Steve and Dawn they are the 3 that make the place so special including all the staff, how warm and welcoming, affectionate and lovely they all are, I wish I could bottle them all up and take them home. Lance the chef is amazing his food tastes beautiful, make sure you try their steamed fish you will be wanting more and more…. Our beachfront Vila – no. 45 is a must its secluded and the water is just outside your door 😉


“Great place, friendly staff, everything taken care of…”

Great place for families with young children to go and spend quality time with kids and each other. Babysitting and kids club excellent. Meals great, although go a la carte when given the option rather than the buffet meals. If you’re planning to go to the mainland also, go there first so you’re not disappointed after the quality of personal service received here. Cheers, Helen

You can view these testimonials on the TripAdvisor Website.

We’re pleased to advise that we’ve set our room rates and packages rates for 2012 up to March 2013. Book your 2012 Fiji Holiday now! Here are our 2012 and 2013 Fiji Holiday Packages and Resort Rates.

Beautiful Comments from a Beautiful Bride – Holly Longmuir

Guest Review – Weddings

We thank Holly Longmuir for writing such a lovely review after her recent wedding here on the Island.

It takes a lot of time to write a thank you so any time we receive such beautiful comments we love to share them here.

Everyone experiences Castaway differently. Here’s Holly’s view of our little island home…






“I/we wanted to send you a few ‘thank you’ notes to pass on:

Lance – WOW – the food was outstanding!  What he produced for our group was top quality. How big was that fish!!! If only Dave & I had of been a little less excited we may have eaten more. He may be an Aussie by birth, but he showed us all the kindness of a Fijian.  All our guest raved about the quality of the food. Thank you so much to both Lance and his attentive team.

Maria – our babysitter – thanks for the late night’s looking after our precious little Coco.  Especially the fact that you worked on your birthday….

Monika – you and the team we’re wonderful to us.  No one would have known it was your first wedding reception – it went off without a hitch! Thank you to you and your team for looking after us with such importance and of course for being so lovely.

Merelini – ‘Leni’ – Thank you again for sorting out the Bure’s – what a miracle you pulled off!  And you did it all with a huge smile. We can’t thank you enough for the effort you put in. Next time we come back, we promise to behave…..  Well, we do love the North side….

The staff/team – For as long as we live, we will remember the energy and love that came from the team when they sang their song and carried in our wedding cake – it blew the roof off!
Everywhere we walked, we were greeted with a “Bula Dave, Holly” and of course a kiss for Coco. I can still hear Emily saying Bula from across the pool… Oh and the ice fight with Vilisi and Trent…. How funny….
We truly felt that all the team were celebrating our wedding with us.  They laughed and cried with us.  They will be forever remembered in our hearts as sharing our special day. Please pass on how truly thankful we are for their support and friendship.

The band & the choir – We love music, and to have music as a part of our wedding was important to us.  The choir sang with their beautiful harmonious voices and then the boys played our song – lovely day.  Thank you to them all.  We hope that when they play the song for other guests that they’ll remember us fondly and our crazy clan!!!

Aseri – what can we say.  When we first arrived we remembered you from our previous years when you worked in kids club.  The stand out point for us was your wonderful laugh…..  For the first few days we didn’t hear it, after all you are in ‘management now’…. By the end of the week with the antics between you and Trent [the tall one]- your sensational laugh echoed through again.  We’ll miss that sound.  Your smile is infectious, your laughter contagious. You made our week even more enjoyable by just being around.  Sorry again for Trent’s antics….. he he

Laisa – our friend Laisa.
You even stopped the rain!
I hope all your bride’s and groom’s appreciate you as much as we do.  I still laugh at the fact that you were more stressed about the weather than I was!
Our wedding was above anything we could have imagined. The lead up was so smooth and ran without incident. The day/night was perfect.
You have a peacefulness that helps to calm those little niggling nerves…. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into our trip.
Thanks to you, our wedding was what dream are made of.

All our group want to come back next year – perhaps we can have another party to celebrate our 1 year anniversary…..”

Holly & Dave Longmuir

2011 TripAdvisor Excellence and Bravo Award. Vinaka!

Castaway has earned a Certificate of Excellence – May 2011 – from Trip Advisor:)

Thank you to all the lovely people who have shared their reviews worldwide via TripAdvisor. We are truly humbled by all the accolades we are receiving lately.

How is the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence awarded? Travelers share their opinions on TripAdvisor and if they are impressed with the quality of our business TripAdvisor grants us an award based on their reviews. It’s an exciting achievement and one we are very proud of.

Bravo award too! “Excellent” ratings by over 163 people of TripAdvisor.

In addition to the Excellence award we have also been given the Bravo award. Castaway Island Fiji has received  163 “excellent” ratings from travelers who shared their opinions on TripAdvisor. We are so very pleased to be able to offer a great experience to our guests. Vinaka to all who have been kind enough to write reviews and say very, very nice things about Castaway. VINAKA!

Resort Review – “Paradise – We’ll Definitely be Coming Back”

Castaway Fiji Resort Review…

It’s very exciting when we get Resort reviews sent to us after people have stayed on our beautiful island home. We loved this one, posted by Daniel, on our Facebook Page. Thanks so much for taking the time to write a resort review of our tropical island home. As just one of a million places in the world travellers can choose to visit for their holidays, it’s nice to know that our ongoing effort to provide a “one in a million Fiji Resort experience” is paying off. Vinaka Daniel!

Its taken me a week to come back down to earth from paradise, and I wanted to say thanks to all of you at Castaway that helped make such a memorable holiday. Chef Lance, thanks for all the great food and tours. Emily thanks for the wonderful welcome, and Lily thanks for keeping my liquids up at the pool.;) Jerry and the rest of the dive team, thanks for the great dives and excellent service. Knox, you were awesome. Thanks for keeping us entertained and fit every day. I will still get you back for waking me at the pool. Aseri, thanks for everything. Go the Pies. Dewen, your ommelettes kept me going all day. Solo and the band, you were all awesome. I could go on and on. We will definately be coming back. Vinaka.”

You can read more testimonials from real guests and even ask them questions on our Facebook Page. Vinaka!

OR go to our Castaway Fiji Resort Reviews Page…

Guest Review – The best type of Guest Review? A movie!

Guest Review in the form of a movie by Stephen Ward

When a guest takes the time out to make a video of the family fun they had on Castaway Island, FIji it makes our hearts fill with Lolomas. Vinaka Stephen for sharing this with Castaway and the world via Youtube:) Lolomas to you and your family.

Movie by Stephen Ward..the perfect type of guest review.

Guest Review – Sheer Bliss!

Guest Review – “Thank you for a wonderful experience on Castaway Island, Fiji”.

Michael is a personal trainer in Manly, Australia so a place like Castaway proved to be perfect for an active person who still needed to chill out. Vinaka for your kind words Michael!


“…Michael, Nell and Kohia just took a week trip to Fiji and stayed most of the week on Castaway Island. I felt compelled to share some of the experience out of gratitude to the staff and people on the island that made our trip such a fantastic experience.

Castaway Island is a small beautiful tropical island, surrounded by flat clear water where you can see the corral and fish the moment you arrive. But even with the lovely weather, majestic sunsets, great food and relaxing activities nothing compares to the people there and the experience that they create for and with you.

Castaway Island is a four start resort but it isn’t about ticking the boxes for a star rating, after all that is only a guide, it’s about the holiday experience and the Fijian staff and locals at Castaway Island just make that experience sheer bliss. Even before you set foot on the island there is a welcoming group on the beach singing and celebrating your arrival. We didn’t even feel like we checked in, we went straight up to the main lounge for a welcoming drink and sat chatting with some of the staff and other guests who just arrived, we were than taken down to our bure, our new home for the week, to discover that our luggage was seamlessly picked up from the South Seas Cruises transport catamaran and delivered to our room that was only 20m from the beach. All the resort staff are so welcoming and cheerful you can’t help but be happy and it spreads through all the guests. We met and talked to people from all around the world, some from the next suburb over from where we live in Sydney…” READ MORE ON MICHAEL’S WEBSITE