A Star for the Day! With Emma Freedman on The Today Show

BULA! Here’s  snippets from our recent appearance on The Today Show with the beautiful host, Emma Freedman.  Our island home shone through to thousands of Australians while we did our best to sneak in a few big smiles and ‘BULA’S’!

Watch to the end and hear us sing Isa Lei – Lolomas from your Castaway Family XX.

Delicious news. AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards. Winners!

Finalist in three categories and winners in one PLUS a well-deserved visionary award!

The AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism awards were held last Friday night.  We were humbled to be nominated as finalists and also a winner in one of the categories. We’re thrilled to announce we are the winners in the Restaurants category for the 1808 Lali Bar dining concept. PLUS, our previous CEO and Chairman, Mr Geoffrey Shaw was honoured with the Fiji Tourism Visionary Award.

  • WINNER: ‘1808’ at the Lali Bar – AON Excellence in Fiji Tourism Award 2013 – Restaurants – OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE
  • FINALIST: Paulaisa Delani – AON Excellence in Fiji Tourism Award 2013 – Frontliner of the Year
  • FINALIST: Castaway Island, Fiji – AON Excellence in Fiji Tourism Award 2013 – Deluxe Accommodation

We are MOST proud of…

Heartfelt speech by Mr Geoffrey Shaw - recipient of the Fiji Tourism Visionary Award

Heartfelt speech by Mr Geoffrey Shaw – recipient of the Fiji Tourism Visionary Award

Geoffrey Shaw was the recipient of the 2013 AON Excellence in Fiji Tourism Visionary Award, recognising his contribution to the Fiji tourism industry. The Castaway family were thrilled to be alongside Mr Shaw, previous CEO and Chairman of Castaway Island, Fiji as he humbly accepted the prestigious “Fiji Tourism Visionary Award”. Geoff accepted the award with his lovely wife Megan by his side and of course an excited fan club – management and staff who make up the tight-knit Castaway Vuvale. After 40 years of outstanding contributions to the Fiji Tourism industry, this award is so well deserved. A huge CONGRATULATIONS from your Castaway family past and present who have had the honour of working alongside you – you’re an amazing, principled person with a brilliant mind – an incredible mentor. We are forever grateful for your unwavering guidance and support over the years. Vinaka vakalevu!

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: Castaway Island 1808 wins Best Fine Dining Restaurant_AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards


Castaway Fiji Resort Refurbishment - Malua Adult Pool

We’re a ‘happy place’…

Recently, the LA Times in the US asked a group of travelers  to describe their happy places – a place which beckons these travelers to ‘lay down their burdens and put their cares at bay’.

Overall in the vote, we came in at #3. Here’s a transcript of the article below. Considering all the places in the world that have the power to make you happy, we’re very excited and very happy (!) to be one.



Fiji’s small Castaway Island makes a magical anniversary


Happy Place: Fiji’s Castaway Island is the scene of a glorious fifth anniversary, with snorkeling and a hypnotic ceiling fan among the highlights.


By Sue Hobart LA Times September 15, 2013

The morning sun shimmers on the swirling strands of the 8-foot cast net as a bare-chested young man, standing knee-deep in the shallows at the edge of the reef, unfurls it like a huge lasso.

I’ve never seen a cast net. I am mesmerized by the kaleidoscope of light sparkling off the net, off the rippling water and then, suddenly, off the scales of hundreds of tiny fish in front of him.


“What is that?” I whisper to my husband, Doug, who has come up behind me.


And so begins my free fall into memories of Fiji.


“Where do you want to go?” asks the travel agent. I don’t know. I’ve never traveled outside the country. “What’s this?” I ask, pointing to an irregular line on a huge wall map of the world. “That’s the international date line.” A grin spreads across my face. “And what’s this?” I ask, pointing to a speck of land below the equator and left of the date line.


Doug stands in front of me at the exit door of the small plane, the air outside heavy with heat, humidity and the sweet smell of the tropics. “Thank you for bringing me here,” he says, kissing me quickly. It is Aug. 8, 1976. We left our Portland, Ore., home on Aug. 6. I thought we would arrive on Aug. 7, our fifth wedding anniversary. Oops.


We take our glasses and half-full bottle of wine and walk down the deserted beach away from the lights of the dining terrace. We chose Castaway Island because we loved its name and because it was then the least developed of all the Fijian resorts.


The ceiling fan in our bura whispers a slow, hypnotic swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. Every bedroom I’ve lived in since has had a ceiling fan. It is the sound that helps me close my eyes and dream.


I love the potato chips, thick and crisp and warm from the oven, a perfect salty complement to our fruity tropical cocktails. I love the accent of our new Aussie friends, also celebrating a wedding anniversary, who sit with us at the small open-air bar.


It takes us an hour and 45 minutes to stroll the shoreline around our island. We see no one until we pass a group ofburas where employees smile, wave and offer us drinks. It is our first foray into the rewards of cultural travel.


Eventually, I am able to settle my face in the water and breathe through the snorkel as I float above the psychedelic array of colorful fish and coral. What took me so long to learn how to swim?


I see a photo of myself on the beach, arms spread wide to embrace the sunset. Ah, so young, so thin. I see Doug, asleep, in the hammock in front of our bura. He hasn’t changed a bit.

Fiji Resorts Top 10 list for Families – TripAdvisor Awards

The annual TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice awards honour the world’s best hotels, earning their distinction from those who know them best – real travellers.

Unlike any other hotel honours, TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice winners are based on millions of valuable reviews and opinions from travellers around the world.

Vinaka to all the generous people who leave lovely comments on TripAdvisor about Castaway Island, Fiji. This honour would not be possible without you.

Who LOVES Holidays With Kids? We do! We’re in the Top 10…again!

BULA! Exciting news just in! Castaway Fiji has been included in  Holidays with Kids Top Ten Best Resorts for Families list!

Just when we returned to ground after the excitement and euphoria of being included in this TOP 10 list in 2011, we’re now excited again to be included in the 2012 list!

We thank family travel magazine Holidays with Kids and their readers for voting. We consider this award to be one of the most special of all to win because the votes are by you – not a judging panel.

We do our very best to keep our island’s services and facilities up to date and in tip top shape for all types of holiday makers – in particular our families who return year after year. Our new Nuku Marau pool and extensive 2012 refurbishments offers testimony to this.

We’re humbled to know our extended family think we’re worthy of such an amazing accolade.

Vinaka again to all who voted.

Lolomas – Your Castaway Family!










Fiji Honeymoons and Romantic Holidays for Couples - Castaway Island Fiji

Fiji Island Romance for Couples – Fiji Weddings and Fiji Honeymoons

It’s impossible not to be captured by the magic and romance of Castaway Island, Fiji. This stunning private island resort is perfect for couples who need time out from the real word to relax, rekindle and reacquaint. The island gives you more time for the love and attention you both deserve.

If you’re an active couple, there’s plenty of fun to be had. You’ll be able to dive, surf, ski and snorkel to your heart’s content. Our Activities Team makes sure you’ve plenty of fun to share. For the romantic couples into books and simply sitting, staring into the eyes of each other and sharing the air you breathe, you’ll enjoy the abundance of romantic settings kindly provided by Nature. There’s a place and pace for every couple on Castaway.

The magic and romance of the island is attributed to the things it lacks. No distractions. No pressures. No interruptions. Just the two of you sharing little magical moments you’ll remember for eternity.


Fiji Weddings

Castaway Island, Fiji is a dream wedding destination. We consider the island “Nature’s Altar”. If you’re interested in a Fiji Island Wedding you’ll find our Fiji Weddings Website helpful in planning your dream day. Read more about our Fiji Weddings and Wedding Packages…

Fiji Honeymoons

Honeymoons are important. It’s the beginning of your life together and will create beautiful memories for you to reflect on throughout your married life. You need to make sure those memories are special. Magical moments are Castaway’s speciality! Read more about Fiji Honeymoons and our Fiji Honeymoon Package here…



Fiji Family Holidays - The Ward Family Holiday in Fiji

Family Holidays – A great Fijian Resort destination for your Family

Family fun for everyone! Castaway Island, Fiji has visitors returning year after year with their families and extended family members. Many of our return guests consider it their second home.

We’ve been lucky enough to be the recipient of many awards – one being mentioned as a Top 10 Fiji Resort for Families.

When you’ve been to Castaway once you’ll understand why so many families return. There’s something for every age to do. The stylish family accommodation, great meal deals, kids club and water activities covers everything you need to ensure one of the best Fiji family holidays you’ll ever have.

Castaway has been hosting families for close to 50 years now. Some of our lovely return guests say we’ve perfected the Fiji island holiday experience:) We humbly say we simply try to do our very best to ensure your family holiday is everything you dreamed it would be.

Family Accommodation – Traditional Fiji Accommodation in a Bure (Bungalow)

Fiji Accommodation consists of traditional thatched roof bures (bungalows). The island has four different types of bures scattered throughout the resort. Beach, Island, Garden and Family. The family bures are specifically for larger families who need a little extra space. The can sleep up to 10 people. Click to view the bure accommodation and floor plans of the bures.

Family Meals – Our famous Meal Deal – The longer the stay the greater the value!

Family meal times on Castaway are the most relaxing meal times you’ll ever experience! Dinner time on Castaway starts from 5.30pm at the Water’s edge restaurant and the kiddies can simply wander up to the buffet and choose from a huge variety of ‘kid friendly’ food. We find the routine is either Mum or Dad arrive with them and have a relaxing drink while they watch the little ones eat. After dinner the kiddies scuttle off to kids club with their baby sitter or, age permitting, on their own to meet up with their island friends ready for crab hunting and other fun night games. Mum and Dad then enjoy a beautiful dinner together under the stars until it is ready to pick up the kiddies after dinner. Some nights you’ll find fun activities happening at around 9.00 that all the family can enjoy.  Throughout different times of the year we have on offer our famous “Meal Deal”. Read more about our Meal Deal Package and Restaurants.

Family Holiday Packages

Many of our travel partners create amazing Castaway Fiji family holiday packages that include your Castaway Fiji accommodation, airfares and transfers to the island. We have also devised our own very popular Castaway Five package for families who’ve grown beyond  “Mum, Dad and 2 kids” and have another little bundle of joy or Grandma to bring. Read more about our Fiji Holiday Packages and our Castaway Five package.

Kids Club

Imagine a Kid’s club that’s open from 9.00am until 9.00pm every day with only a few breaks in between? Wouldn’t that be awesome for the kids and for Mum and Dad?  Castaway Kid’s Club makes sure the family holiday is relaxing and fun for everyone. Children enjoy all sorts of fun island discoveries with an emphasis on nature-based play – not an X-Box in sight! Read more about our legendary Castaway Fiji kids club.

Family Activities

There’s something for every family member. While the kids are entranced at Kids Club parents can dive into loads of island activities – scuba diving, snorkelling, island touring, deep sea fishing, surfing and more – or simply find a hammock and tuck into that book you’ve been dying to read. If your family members are all like-minded and enjoy the same pursuits there’s plenty of family fun to be had – banana boat rides, kayaking, paddle boarding, the Monoriki Island Tour, Volley Ball, hand-line fishing at sunset and more. Read about all the things to do on Castaway Island, Fiji.

Castaway - Fiji Resorts - Activities - Beach Volleyball

Activities and things to do – Come play with us!

To do or not to do? The Resort’s activities and watersport fun ensures there’s never a dull moment. After arrival, your first few hours on the island can sometimes be a little overwhelming due to the choices available to you. What to do when – if indeed you wish to do anything at all?!  Some activities need to be booked so if you’re an active soul it’s always good to have a rough daily plan sketched out to ensure you don’t miss out on anything! The best thing to do once you’ve settled into your Fiji accommodation is make a visit to our Activities Team. There you’ll be able to feast your eyes on all the fun things available to you during your stay and book days and times that suit you best. There’s surfing, diving, snorkeling, paddleboarding, handline fishing at sunset, island touring, dolphin safaris, skiing, banana boat rides and heaps more.  So you are super-prepared we’ve got information about all the things you can do here on this website. Read about our activities on the island and get ready to COME PLAY WITH US!

Beachfront Bure Accommodation - Resort Accommodation on Castaway Island Fiji

Fiji Accommodation – Introduction to our Bures

Our Fiji Accommodation comprises of 66 bures (bungalows) that are dotted throughout the resort with ample space between each one. We upgrade the island’s accommodation regularly and have had many bure (bungalow) refurbishments – the most recent being an overhaul of our bure bathrooms.

The island aims to provide traditional and authentic Fiji accommodation. This is achieved through the use of locally made tapa-lined ceilings and thatched roofing for each bure. The result is stylish, comfortable Fiji island accommodation that remains true to Fijian heritage and culture. Read more about our Fiji Accommodation


Castaway Island Fiji - Dining Option - Waters Edge Restaurant

Fijian Cuisine

Historically, Fiji food has consisted of root crops, vegetables and fruits in addition to wild pig and some birds. Of course, coastal Fijians indulged in a large amount of seafood. Cooking methods varied – the most popular being the “lovo” – an earth oven similar to the Maori ‘hangi’. This method of cooking is still used today throughout Fiji. Most resorts will include in their menu a “Lovo Buffet” which includes meat cooked in the lovo, root vegetables and coconut-based dishes like Kokoda and sweet coconut desserts and puddings.

Post-colonial times has seen the introduction of Indian cuisine and Western cuisine combined. Fiji’s food today is a veritable melting pot of cultural influences from all over the world. The rise of tourism in Fiji has meant new food cooking techniques  and the introduction of new locally grown food crops in an effort to cater for the demand for international cuisine in 4 and 5-star resorts.

Holding onto Fiji’s traditional cuisine has been challenging. However, the Resort continues to combine the best produce Fiji has to offer with the latest in international food trends. Our Executive Chef sources only the best local seafood and organic produce. Our menus change regularly. Read more about our dining and Fiji Meal Packages.