Castaway’s beach the proud ‘launching pad’ for MES Fiji’s Turtle Release

June 29, 2012 was a very exciting day on Castaway Island, Fiji.

We celebrated with our friends from the Mamanuca Environment Society the completion of their turtle project by releasing 3 turtles from the shores of Castaway back into their natural habitat.

The release was after years of in-depth study into turtles in an effort to ensure their survival in Fiji. The study included research into their habitats, breeding, handling and best practice implemention for their conservation.

Turtles have long been a ‘delicacy’ for many local Fijians. It is only after MES Fiji’s efforts has the threat to their survival been highlighted and addressed.

Below is a picture of the release compliments of  Shalendra Prasad – The Jet Newspaper.

May all turtles swim in our beautiful waters for years to come. Vinaka!

More Information –

ABOUT MES FIJI:  MES Fiji is an active environment society passionately committed to protecting the stunning marine and terrestrial environment of the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji. The organisation is funded entirely through generous sponsorship and help from founding members. If you would like to become a sponsor or member you can get involved by contacting them HERE.




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