Castaway is an allergy-aware resort! Great news for those suffering from food allergies.

The Resort’s menus cater very well for those who suffer food intolerances.

Most menus are gluten-free as standard, plus there are plenty of GF options – including Pizza, breakfast pancakes/bread/cereals, pasta and more!   Many people with CD (Coeliac Disease) and gluten/wheat intolerances enjoy our food .

Read more about our menus here…

Our Chef, Lance Seeto, is currently writing a book on the Fijian lifestyle and diet. The resort kitchen’s have benefited from this research as he sources some of the best local and Australian organic and toxin-free produce in the world.  He is also in contact with one of the top immunologists on Coeliac Disease, Professor Bob Anderson at Melbourne’s Eliza Hall Institute who has helped him understand why it would be rare for native Fijians to develop CD and has explained there has been an increase in CD diagnoses in recent years.

Contact the resort via email if you have any further queries on our Allergy-Aware Menus. Vinaka!



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  1. Sue says:

    I am so pleased and relieved to read about an allergy-aware resort!!! I am looking to book a holiday with my teenage chilgren, one of whom is coeliac. Castaway will definitely score extra points in making our holiday more relaxing and enjoyable.
    Thank you for your efforts in this regard.


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