Barefoot Boxing on Castaway Island, Fiji with ShadowBoxer

A world first! Barefoot Boxing by the Sea! Introducing Castaway’s new Barefoot Boxing concept.

We’ve a whole bunch of ways guests can stay fit on island – water sports, beach activities, bush walking, island hill runs plus heaps more.  To add to the mix we’ve introduced another fun option for guests using fitness equipment from ShadowBoxer®.

We’ve christened it “Barefoot Boxing” and so far our guests are loving this gloveless boxing baby.

Rather than a slick city-like gym with clunky machines in a smelly, hot room, Barefoot Boxing on the shores of Castaway Island suits our resort philosophy perfectly. Instead of pumping iron you can pump clean ocean air with your gloveless hands. The resistance (which is magnified by special resistance bands) offers a quick, awesome workout to ensure you can return to your sun lounge to sip that last bit of cocktail as you glow in guilt-free post-workout glee!

Some piccies of our soft launch are below. Vinaka to all our brave guests who helped us roll out this world first. No other resort in the world is using the ShadowBoxer® equipment.

Come and try it when next you’re on island. Awesome fun! Vinaka!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Hi there,
    I would love to try this when we are at Castaway in March, do you need to book or is there always spots available?

    • admin says:

      Bula Michelle! It’s a whole lot of fun. We are still ironing out all the details as this is a new activity. At this point bookings can be made direct with the Activities team on the island the day before. We’re finding that the best time is in the mornings. We look forward to welcoming you to our island home in March. Vinaka!

  2. Jane says:

    Just wondering if there are any tracks on the island that you can run on? Is it worth bringing running shoes? If there are tracks what distance cold you run? My husband is a runner and is interested in options for running on the island. Thanks

    • Castaway Fiji says:

      Bula Jane!
      Yes – we’ve a great walking/running track that rises to the peak of the island. It is certainly worth you bringing running shoes, even despite island fashions normally dictating bare feet mostly! If you take a look at our map you’ll see that to the back of the tennis courts we have the beginning of a track that runs over the top of the island’s terrain (we are on 174 acres). Once at the top (amazing view!) you have the option of going back down the way you came OR you can follow the track down to another secluded beach area. It is about a 1km upward-winding rise. Running up to the top takes about 10-15 minutes if you are fit. It is advisable you take heaps of water and also let someone know you’re going for a run. Also check tide times with the activities team – saves getting your shoes wet if the tide is high and you have to go over rocks to get back to the main beach. There’s also the option of running on the beach but beware – you might get funny looks from other relaxed guests who have chosen to partake in imbibing cocktails instead of tummy crunches! Don’t forget there’s kayaking and paddle boarding as well – plenty to keep you fit! Vinaka!

  3. Elise says:

    I was at castaway last week and tried shadow boxing with Joe and Nox. Loved it. I would recommend it to everyone of all ages and fitness levels. My whole family did it, from my 70 year old mother to my 7 year old nephew and we all got something out of it. It was the best workout I’ve had for a while and enables you to justify that extra cocktail or two. And you certainly can’t go past instructor Joes entertainment value in taking the class.

  4. Josh says:

    This activity looks so fun ill be sure to try it out sometime. Is there a weights room and gym though? Tennis court and basketball hoop? I’m a sporty kind of guy.

    • Castaway Fiji says:

      Bula Josh! Yes – we have a tennis court. No weights – sorry! But we can assure you there’s plenty of other sporty pursuits for you! We look forward to welcoming you soon. Vinaka!


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