Fiji Resort - Barefoot-Boxing-on-the-Resort-Beach


If you’re addicted to exercise and find it hard to ‘let go’ on holidays you’ll love our shadow boxing concept – Castaway’s very own Barefoot Boxing.

Shadow Boxing is a new style of exercise that uses your own body’s resistance to work your lower, core and upper body parts. It’s becoming a craze in America and now Australia.

Castaway is the first Resort to implement this shadow boxing concept. We’ll be setting it up on request for our guests on the beach. Consider it our gym substitute. We think it beats exercising with sweaty metal, lat pull down machines and lycra.

When on island you can join us for a few friendly left jabs, upper cuts and a bit of fun – all barefoot and in clean ocean air. All guests are welcome to give it a go! Of course, we still have available other more traditional Fiji resort activities on offer as well.