2011 TripAdvisor Excellence and Bravo Award. Vinaka!

Castaway has earned a Certificate of Excellence – May 2011 – from Trip Advisor:)

Thank you to all the lovely people who have shared their reviews worldwide via TripAdvisor. We are truly humbled by all the accolades we are receiving lately.

How is the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence awarded? Travelers share their opinions on TripAdvisor and if they are impressed with the quality of our business TripAdvisor grants us an award based on their reviews. It’s an exciting achievement and one we are very proud of.

Bravo award too! “Excellent” ratings by over 163 people of TripAdvisor.

In addition to the Excellence award we have also been given the Bravo award. Castaway Island Fiji has received  163 “excellent” ratings from travelers who shared their opinions on TripAdvisor. We are so very pleased to be able to offer a great experience to our guests. Vinaka to all who have been kind enough to write reviews and say very, very nice things about Castaway. VINAKA!

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